#Christmasjumperday: Seven reasons Christmas jumpers are great

Christmas Jumper Day will be celebrated on Friday, December 18

Being able to don your winter woollies and make a much-needed donation to charity is a fantastic thing - but there’s more than one reason why Christmas jumpers are great.

They’re warm:

We know this one is a little basic, but hear us out. Are you always the one in your office shivering away because your snuggly cardigan or fleece just won’t do for work wear? Take advantage of Christmas Jumper Day and finally feel warm at your desk.

They’re festive:

Again, another obvious one - but the festive sweaters really are the perfect choice for when you just want to feel Christmassy! Whether you’re at the restaurant, heading to the pub or just lying at home watching Home Alone, they make the perfect December uniform.

There’s a huge choice: It doesn’t matter if you’re all bells and whistles or if you prefer something a little more understated, there will be a Christmas jumper out there for you. And don’t worry if your interests are too niche, there are all sorts of jumpers available on the market.

They keep on giving:

You may be thinking, “well I’ll only wear a Christmas jumper once, maybe twice, a year”. But hear us out. True, the jumpers may only be appropriate for the month of December but because they’ll only be out for a little bit of the year they’ll last for ages! We promise you, they’ll end up getting worn more often than many other clothes.

They’re fun:

It’s true, they are. You can get them with funny characters, witty phrases and pretty patterns. And they’re a decent conversation starter for the workplace too. Get your colleagues together for a funny group photo and remember Christmas is a time for cheer!

They’re an obvious Christmas Day choice:

You may be getting the jumper out for Christmas Jumper Day, of course, but owning one also takes the stress out of deciding what to wear on December 25. Unsure whether you should be smart or casual? Be both with your jumper!

You’re helping a good cause:

Okay, we know we already said this one - but it really is true. So pick out your own festive jumper, pull it on for work on Friday and help three really worthwhile causes.

The public’s contributions to the initiative will raise money for Save the Children, Macmillan Cancer Support and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, as part of ITV’s annual Text Santa.