Crown Jewels replica on show

The British Crown Jewels are one of the greatest treasures of the United Kingdom, held in a high security room in the Tower of London - and many have marvelled at the glittering display

For those who have never had the opportunity to see these national treasures or who would like to experience the thrill nearer home, Garvagh Museum has obtained the loan of a replica set and these will be on display in Garvagh Community Building, Main Street, Garvagh until June 25.

Claire Millar of Garvagh Community Building says: “We believe that that this is one of a number of sets of replicas made in 1953 at the time of the Coronation to be sent to the Dominions, for display there, during celebrations to mark the new reign.

“ Among the items on display will be the Imperial state crown worn by the Queen at the state opening of each session of parliament,

“The Sceptres and the great Sword of State as well the Great Mace commissioned by King Charles II in 1660, the jewelled sword - said to be the most splendid sword in the world, Queen Mary’s Orb and the Ampulla and Spoon, the only remaining part of the old crown jewels not melted down by Oliver Cromwell.

“As well as the above display there will be a supporting exhibition of Royal Memorabilia going back to the reign of Queen Victoria.”

The exhibition was launched last Friday and will be open each Friday and Saturday, 11 am to 5pm until June 25.

Everyone is welcome and admission is free, there will be an opportunity to make a voluntary contribution to the Garvagh Museum Development Fund, if the visitor wishes.

Special arrangements for groups of ten or more, which could include evening visits, can be made to have the centre open at the time and date requested. All such visits must be booked three days in advance by ringing 028295.58544 or 028295.57766