Randalstown farmer features on Rare Breed

It’s July 2020 for Rare Breed farmers including James Alexander from Randalstown in the latest episode on UTV, airing Tuesday, March 2, at 7.30pm, narrated by Mark McFadden.

It’s a big month for James. With lockdown relaxed he’s now able to run his annual sheep sale. It’s his “favourite day and least favourite day of the year.”

With a whole shed to fill, he has a lot to get ready. He has to sort hundreds of sheep into smaller batches according to size, type and look, and he’s trying to accommodate everyone who may want small or large herds. He’s also put in extra measures including online bidding

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and temperature checks. But he’s delighted with the quality of the animals this year, and is hopeful of a good sale.

Tuesday's Rare Breed episode features James Alexander's sheep sale in July

Other stops in this episode include Jonny Hanson at Jubilee Farm, outside Larne. It’s a community enterprise owned and worked by its members and volunteers. They produce vegetables, pigs, geese and goats. Jonny and the vet are tagging piglets. It’s not as easy as it looks, with Jonny remarking, “You have to out think them!” Sophie, a young volunteer from Larne Grammar, who hopes to be a vet, gives him a hand.