Take a look at the 12 celebrity Bake Off cake busts - including Louis Theroux and Tom DeLonge

The Great British Bake Off burst back onto television screens on Tuesday evening (22 September), with viewers able to watch a new group of talented bakers tackle a number of challenges - including the Showstopper

Bake Off celebrity cake busts
Bake Off celebrity cake busts

The first episode of the series saw the bakers required to make a cake bust of their celebrity icons as part of the Showstoppers challenge - with some doing better than others. Here are the 12 celebrity cake busts - from Louis Theroux to Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge

Rowan’s cake bust of Marie Antoinette was recognisable, but he had to make a last-minute switch and use rice paper for the hair, instead of a tower of choux buns as originally planned (Photo: Channel 4/Getty)
The cake replica of former Blink-182 singer Tom DeLonge was probably one of the most nightmarish cakes to look at, made by baker Dave (Photo: Channel 4/Getty)
The cake bust of academy Academy award-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o - known for her roles in 12 Years a Slave, Black Panther and Us - didn’t quite go to plan for baker Hermine (Photo: Channel 4/Getty)
Lottie’s coconut and lime cake bust of documentary maker Louis Theroux did bear a slight resemblance, albeit an aged version (Photo: Channel 4)
Loriea’s cake bust of Jamaican writer Miss Lou didn’t quite look how she had planned it to look (Photo: Channel 4/Getty)
Unfortunately for Laura, her cake bust of iconic Queen singer Freddie Mercury didn’t exactly go to plan, when the cake version of his head exploded in the baking process (Photo: Channel 4)
The painted stripes on the face of Marc’s cake bust of David Bowie makes it slightly recognisable, but it’s not quite the spitting image of Ziggy Stardust (Photo: Channel 4)
Sura’s David Attenborough cake bust was an ambitious bake, but unfortunately for the baker the cake head of the naturalist wouldn’t stand up straight and had to be propped with a roll of piping bags (Photo: Channel 4/Getty)
Peter made things a little easier for himself by opting to make a cake version of cyclist Chris Hoy, as he didn’t have to feature eyes and hair like the other bakers’ cake busts, replacing them with a cycling helmet and goggles instead (Photo: Channel 4/Getty)
Mark decided to bake a spiced ginger cake bust of his celebrity icon, Charles Darwin (Photo: Channel 4/Getty)
Linda opted to make a cake bust of her favourite singer Bob Marley, but she unfortunately forgot to give the iconic musician a mouth (Photo: Channel 4)
Mac made a cake bust of author Bill Bryson, which is recognisable to some degree (Photo: Channel 4)