These are 11 of 2020’s best Christmas TV adverts so far

It’s that time of year again, when TV channels start showing the latest collection of tear-jerking but heartwarming Christmas adverts.

Here’s a selection of the best of 2020’s festive ads so far
Here’s a selection of the best of 2020’s festive ads so far

Here’s a selection of the best of 2020’s festive ads so far.

Department store chain John Lewis has just dropped this year’s Christmas advert, with the central theme of ‘give a little love’ posing a poignant message to look out for others and share a little happiness this festive season (Photo: John Lewis)
Aldi’s Christmas ad focuses on the supermarket’s well-known Kevin the Carrot, as he faces a trip home to his family with lots of twists and turns. He makes friends with Harry the hedgehog along the way, who are both rescued when Father Christmas - played by Jim Broadbent - turns up to save the day (Photo: Aldi)
Asda’s Christmas TV advert offering features a real family decorating their house, unpacking Asda bags, cooking together and having festive fun. The supermarket’s main message this year is explained by the dad, who says, "I guess Christmas is going to be different this year, so let's really make the most of it." (Photo: Asda)
The Morrisons ad displays its wide range of Christmas food on offer, as it shows a delivery driver getting in the Christmas spirit, families dancing and having fun, and shoppers donating to food banks in-store - with the tagline ‘Making Christmas Special’ (Photo: Morrisons)
M&S has decided to drop a new advert every week until the new year, featuring the voices of famous actors as they show the range of luxurious food on offer this Christmas. The first advert featured Olivia Coleman telling viewers about the glittery gin and smoked salmon which can be bought this festive period (Photo: M&S)
This year’s Walkers Christmas ad - named ‘A Sausage CaRoll’ - features LadBaby singing about sausage rolls as he delivers the brand’s sausage roll flavoured crisps. A donation from each sale of which goes to food bank charity Trussell Trust this year (Photo: Walkers)
The McDonald’s animated Christmas advert, titled Inner Child, shows a mother trying to encourage her teenage son to get into the Christmas spirit, but every attempt sees him turning to his computer or phone instead. However, after starting a snowball fight with him following a trip to McDonald’s, the young boy embraces his Christmas spirit and helps her to decorate the tree (Photo: McDonald’s)
Disney’s animated Christmas advert begins in the year 1940, with a grandmother gifting her granddaughter with a Mickey Mouse toy. It then skips to 2005, where - years later - the young girl is now a grandmother, who passes the same toy to her own grandchild. The toy is loved at first, but becomes neglected over the years. The advert ends with the girl realising the bond between herself and her grandmother, and gifting her the old but newly mended toy (Photo: Disney)
The Argos Christmas advert shows two young sisters performing magic tricks in front of their family, after being inspired by a toy they had seen in the brand’s famous catalogue. As they perform, the room slowly turns into a theatre, with Gary Barlow’s song Incredible playing as the soundtrack (Photo: Argos)
Amazon’s Christmas ad shows a young ballet dancer getting ready to perform in her school play, before the school closes due to coronavirus. The young girl is upset when the show gets cancelled, but her family and local community work together to make it possible for her to perform outside for everyone to enjoy from their windows (Photo: Amazon)
The TK Maxx advert shows a goat strutting along wearing a bright, but fabulously stylish outfit. In a nearby farmhouse, it’s revealed that the farmer bought it for the goat to wear. He explains to his wife that the goat deserves it after a “tough year.” The advert’s tagline is, “Everyone deserves great gifts this season” (Photo: TK Maxx)