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Then you should ask yourself three questions:

Have you reduced your Tax?

You will now know the huge amount of Income tax taken from your redundancy payment. You may also have noticed how much tax is being taken from your pension until next April.

Have you maximised your returns?

With bank and building Society returns at close to an all-time low it is essential to check where you have put your cash and see if you can do better.

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Financial Foresight have access to providers, covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, with returns of 3.75%.

When will you need to review whatever action you have taken?

Whatever you have done, or intend to do, with your money you should take time to review it regularly. At the end of this tax year, April 2017, it is likely to be prudent to review your returns and income tax.

How can Financial Advice Help?

By talking to Financial Foresight they can advise how to get some, if not all, of this tax back! We can take you through all of your options and the rules set by the Inland Revenue, which are far from simple. They key thing is to have your individual circumstances assessed so that the best advice suitable to you can be given.

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You must be careful as not all financial advice is the same. Many, if not most, advisers are ‘restricted’ as to what they can advise, or who they can recommend. Financial Foresight have always been and continue to be INDEPENDENT financial advisers (IFA’s).

They are Northern Ireland based, locally owned and have been providing investment and redundancy advice since the 1980’s.

To arrange a free initial chat contact Phil on 028 9332 2822 or visit their website.

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