Galgorm specter revealed

GALGORM Resort & Spa, Northern Ireland's premier wedding venue, has welcomed the long awaited arrival of the 'ghost' following an intensive and mysterious advertising campaign throughout 2009 which has captivated people throughout Northern Ireland .

Members of the public were invited to find the Ghost online with thousands bombarding the Galgorm website in search of this mystery specter.

To great fanfare and trepidation, the mystery Ghost was this week revealed as a 200,000 Rolls Royce Ghost car.

The award-winning Resort is now offering local brides and grooms the opportunity to book the James Bond style luxury vehicle for their upcoming nuptials at Galgorm.

Commenting on the arrival, Galgorm Resort & Spa General Manager, Yvonne Moore said: “We are delighted to finally reveal our Galgorm Ghost! This campaign really captivated the public’s imagination and we have been absolutely astounded by the response.

"The Rolls Royce Ghost is truly spectacular and has certainly not disappointed those awaiting the ‘ghostly’ arrival.

"The car has further expanded our luxury offering. At a time when the hotel industry is still feeling the pinch of the economic climate, we hope it demonstrates that Galgorm Resort & Spa is committed to investing in our core business to stay well ahead of the competition. This requires constantly exploring potential new services and products to delight and inspire our guests and maintain our extremely strong position in the wedding market. The acquisition of the Rolls Royce Ghost is a perfect example of this."

The use of the chauffeur driven Rolls Royce Ghost is included in Galgorm Resort & Spa’s All Inclusive Wedding Packages, charges will apply for other wedding bookings.

See first hand the magnificent Ghost at Galgorm’s Bridal Open Day on Sunday, March 7.