Moira couple spreads the love by volunteering

Research has shown 74% of people across Northern Ireland cite personal enjoyment as the top reason they volunteer and for Moira couple Carol and Alistair Sykes that is certainly the case as the husband and wife spread their love of volunteering.

Carol was a teacher for 34 years and ater retiring she thought she would love just doing very little, however Carol soon realised she needed more and missed working in a team.

She registered as an events volunteer with Volunteer Now and has since been involved in a plethora of events including the World Police and Fire Games. “I just love being part of a team and meeting new people so volunteering gives me this opportunity,” she said. “Another reason I love volunteering is that my husband Alistair is often joining me.”

Alistair added: “We are very involved in supporting the Belfast Giants and when we heard that the Police and Fire Games were coming to Belfast and included ice hockey we applied to volunteer.

“We were successful and had a fantastic time volunteering.”

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