Packed audience for launch of CD

A packed Ballymoney Town Hall was the venue as one of Ulster’s most distinguished bands launched their latest recording to the public.

The ‘Sound of Dunloy Accordion Band’ is the fifth recording produced by the North Antrim based musicians and the band celebrated its release with a concert in which the band and its concert group performed a selection of pieces from the CD. Distinguished guests including Nelson McCausland and the Mayor and Mayoress of Ballymoney were entertained in a three hour musical extravaganza seamlessly held together by BBC personality Jackie Fullerton who had the audience in the palm of his


A spokesperson from the band commented “It’s been our pleasure to host the concert tonight for all of our guests and we are delighted with its success. As everyone knows, there’s a strong sense of community in North Antrim and we are very blessed by

the support we receive from the public here each and every year.

“We’ve insisted on a no admission fee policy tonight so that the concert is available to everyone as a small way of saying thanks for this continued support. We’re really pleased with our latest recording and very proud of the fact that all of our own band members have put so much time and effort into its production, arrangement and design.’

A delighted audience which included spectators from as far away as Counties Fermanagh and Down remained in the Town Hall after the performances and availed of the hospitality provided for them by the band.

The CD is now available for purchase at Gaults Menswear, Ballymoney, The DUP centre, Ballymoney or by contacting Chrissy on

07923062011 or by e mailing [email protected].

DUP councillor, Ian Stevenson, has issued a statement expressing his pride on the excellent launch of the new cd.

A member of Dunloy Band, councillor Stevenson said that even an impartial listener would have to say the musical content on it was of a very high quality, be it through the band, group or superb singing by Diana Culbertson and that the cd has such a wide variety that it would be good for anyone to buy.

He goes on to state “I know that Dunloy village has a high reputation in regards to GAA in which it takes pride but it ought also to take pride in the band it has, which is highly regarded in many circles and is proud to represent the village and to bring a positive image of it at events such as the Lord Mayors show in London.”

“It is my intention, after the election, to give a copy of the new cd to nationalist political representatives of the borough to let them hear how good the band is for themselves, not out of a divisive attitude, but to let them hear the quality of the band which is barely able to march in the village and to ask themselves if the intolerance of them is truly justifiable in this day and age or indeed was ever justifiable.”