Sleep survey byWhitehouse

People in Northern Ireland are just as likely to be watching TV, surfing the net, playing computer games and eating in bed as sleeping, according to a new nationwide survey.
Sleep survey by Whitehouse. inbm31-14sSleep survey by Whitehouse. inbm31-14s
Sleep survey by Whitehouse. inbm31-14s

And when we do finally get to sleep our partners then irritate us most by snoring (61%), stealing the quilt (24%) and fidgeting (16%) the study, which was carried out recently by the White House Portrush, shows.

The survey also revealed a host of insights in terms of sleeping patterns with nearly 60% of us admitting to having trouble getting to sleep and nearly 40% regularly using sleeping aids in the form of tablets, lavender oil or other methods to help them get over at night.

When it comes to bed attire it seems we are traditionalists at heart, with 56% of us preferring to sleep in pj’s rather than shorts or a onesie and only one out of ten like sleeping in the nude. However when it comes to choosing who we sleep with Northern Irish people are romantics at heart with 67% of us preferring to sleep beside their partner, even when given the choice of such heart throbs as George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, Audrey Hepburn or Michelle Keegan. Worryingly 5% of people would choose their pet.

Neville Moore, managing director of the White House, said: “Our survey shows that when it comes to bed time people in Northern Ireland have some interesting routines. Most of us have trouble getting to sleep and when we do finally get there we seem to be easily disturbed.

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