Acclaimed actor Pat Kinevane’s triumphant return to Market Place

Such was the impact on its audience of actor Pat Kinevane’s truly remarkable and compelling performance in his one-man show, “Silent”, when it was performed at the John Hewitt International Summer School some years ago, that the organisers planned to bring the multi award-winning actor’s next show, ‘Before, back to Armagh.

Pat Kinevane in 'Before'
Pat Kinevane in 'Before'

Planned as part of the JHISS programme in July 2020, ‘Before’, written and performed by Kinevane and directed by Jim Culleton, fell victim to the Coivd-19 Lockdown, but the John Hewitt Society is delighted that Pat has now agreed to return for a performance on Tuesday July 26, 2022 at 8.30pm.

‘Before’ is a new play with music, set in Clery’s of Dublin, on the very day this iconic department store shuts - for good. The recorded music for the show, composed by Denis Clohessey, was performed by The RTE Concert Orchestra.

In the show Pontius is inside, trying to choose a gift for his estranged daughter, whom he hasn’t seen for almost twenty years. This father’s journey is both beautiful and strange, from the isolation of his Midlands home, to the madness of O’Connell Street.

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