Scottish comic Gary Meikle brings his 'playfully dark, relatable' show to Coleraine's Riverside Theatre

He’s a Scottish, single grandfather whose comedy is described as ‘playfully dark, relatable and honest’ and he’s coming to Coleraine’s Riverside Theatre next week.

Gary Meikle is a stand-up comedian who has been on the comedy circuit since 2014, and more recently has become known internationally for his viral social media video rants including “Eyebrows” and “Hair Extensions” which have had over 500 million views and counting.

Originally from Glasgow, where he still resides, Meikle has built a global audience (35% in the US) over the last few years, and has taken his show “The iBrow Guy” around the world including the UK, Canada, Dubai & Europe.

Most notably, Meikle performed a sell-out show at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall with a capacity of 2000, all proceeds raised went to the charity Ronald McDonald House.

Gary Meikle coming to the RiversideGary Meikle coming to the Riverside
Gary Meikle coming to the Riverside

Over the years, Meikle has continued to draw material from his real-life stories, focusing heavily on his daughter Ainsley and granddaughter Gracie, from his perspective as a live-in single dad and granddad. He therefore captivates his audiences with his real-life, anecdotal, relatable, observational comedy.

He is bringing his 2.5 Tour to the Riverside Theatre in Coleraine on Thursday (April 27) at 8pm.

He wrote: “I’ve had several top professionals and industry people tell me over the years that I shouldn’t swear as much on stage, that I shouldn’t be as crude or as edgy as I am but guess what...they likely don’t know that as a kid growing up in the care system I was told that I’d be either dead or in jail by the time I was 30. So I tend not to listen to others and do things my way, its gotten me this far after all.

"I’m going to remain to be playfully dark and, as always, do what I do best which is to be relatable, honest and give you an insight to what its like to be me – a young single grandad who’s passionate about making his audience laugh and then be available for hugs at the end if anyone needs or wants one.”

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