Traks gears up for Darren Styles return

IT'S set to be one of the biggest nights of the year at Traks this Saturday.

Superstar DJ Darren Styles will make a long awaited return to the Station Square club.

Darren is not only a DJ, he's also a producer, songwriter and singer, and is currently working on the follow up to his debut solo album ' Skydivin'' which entered the official UK album charts at number four, and has sold over 200,000 copies to date.

It's access all areas this Saturday night. Doors open at 9pm admission 15.

Traks supremo, Brian Moore, recalled Darren's last visit to Traks: "When we book a high profile DJ it's usual for a bunch of guys to stand around the DJ box watching the DJ's skills at mixing.

"It was completely different at Darren's last appearance.

"There was a sea of female faces all gazing in awe at the Scottish heart throb. That said, Darren isn't just a pretty face, he has all the DJ and production skills for a great night as his string of hits and live appearances illustrate.

"For this reason he's equally as popular with the guys who know he delivers an electric atmosphere – and the fact that there's a club full of hot females is a very welcome bonus. If ever there was a magic formula for a great night in a club - Darren Styles is it!"

Darren will be in Room One alongside DJ XRay and DJ Wes White

In Room Two, DJ Toddy has promised to leave his skateboard behind as he plays out his raunchy hip hop set.

Brian Moore and David Mac will be playing all the dance floor fillers in Room 3.

Watch this space next week for all the reaction to Darren's return to Portrush...

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