UTV Sports presenter Ruth Gorman on why she loves her fast-paced job

Co Down-born reporter Ruth Gorman is the popular face synonymous with UTV Sports.

Ruth Gorman Interviewing Carl Frampton at a boxing show at the Waterfront Hall
Ruth Gorman Interviewing Carl Frampton at a boxing show at the Waterfront Hall

The hard-working presenter with a childhood passion for sports has revealed in the past she has undoubtedly landed her ‘dream job’ at UTV.

The outgoing reporter’s role brings long hours, travelling and lots of multi-tasking, something Ruth explains she must always plan ahead for.

“It has been a very busy start to the year sports wise, I was in Switzerland to interview both Michael and Martin O’Neill at the Nations League draw, in Manchester to cover the 60 year Munich Anniversary with Harry Gregg, in England with some of our top boxers and in Dublin with Ireland to cover the Six Nations - so I’m always on the go!

UTV Sport presenter Ruth Gorman

“Along with having a lot of equipment and sole responsibility for the job at hand you have to keep yourself ready for being infront of the camera as well as behind it.

“I travel a lot with my job, it’s always great to see new places and meet new people. I film and edit my own work the majority of the time so when travelling that is an extra challenging part of the job.

“I have a travel makeup bag with all my essentials that comes with me, all the mini versions of my favourite products. But I have been known to wreck a few pairs of heels as sporting venues are normally not kind to them!”

But Ruth relishes the varied opportunities her job entails, “I love that every day is different in my job. Sport had always been a big passion of mine, so even though I don’t get much spare time, I love what I do.

UTV Sport presenter Ruth Gorman

“When I do get some time off, I love catching up with my family and friends and I love a good spa day every once in a while to unwind. My favourite is the Slieve Donard in Newcastle.

“I would say I was a tom boy growing up. Sport has always been a huge part of my life, I still love playing some sports when I can but I also love my time away from sport, meeting up with the girls for a coffee or getting my nails done.

“I tend to stick to the same products when I find something works. I love the Skinician products at the moment. I cleanse and moisturise every morning before putting on make up and do the same at night when taking it off.

“The last piece of makeup I purchased was Hoola Bronzer from Benefit, I love it.

“But if I had to choose just one ‘go-to’ beauty or makeup item, I could not live without mascara. It makes me look more awake even after an early flight!

“I have a specific routine for putting my make up on when I’m going into the UTV studio. I normally make my eye make up a bit bolder and always finish with some powder to stop any shine from the strong studio lights.

“I think wearing clothes that suit your shape is important and a bit of lippy always helps for a well presented look.”