AI tech changing lives in Northern Ireland

Did you know that your email inbox uses artificial intelligence technology?

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AI technology is a big part of our livesAI technology is a big part of our lives
AI technology is a big part of our lives

If you pay attention to the tech industry at all, you’ll know just how profitable artificial intelligence can be.

Many businesses in Northern Ireland are already using AI in their products and in their day to day operations. Many of us don’t even realise that AI has already transformed our lives as it has been weaved into much of the tech that we use.

So, how has AI already changed our lives?

Voice assistants

How often do you rely on your Alexa to tell you what the weather is like today or to remind you to put a wash on?

Voice assistants used to be something that we would see in sci-fi movies and wonder if we would ever rely on them. Now, in 2020, many of us use voice assistants to perform a variety of tasks and this is something that has evolved naturally.

So, how do these voice assistants work? The answer is with AI technology. This is not something that everyone is aware of, but it is certainly true.


Another way that AI tech has changed our lives right here in Northern Ireland is through the healthcare system that we currently have in place. You are probably aware that doctors and healthcare professionals are always upgrading their equipment to use the next best thing but often, this can involve incorporating AI.

Take Kohli Ventures, for example, this foundation involves investing in a number of causes that have a direct impact on health care in the UK. With AI, professionals can diagnose patients quicker, avoid face to face appointments and even create bionic limbs!

Tackling climate change

Did you know that AI is actually helping to tackle climate change?

This is not something that many people are aware of, but artificial intelligence allows for more accurate reading of the environment so that changes can be made in rapid time. Larger companies such as Microsoft have pledged millions of dollars to aid the use of AI in saving the planet.

While this isn’t working as effectively as many of us had hoped, AI is certainly having a large impact on how we tackle climate change.

Removing the need for smaller tasks

Finally, you might not have realised this, but AI has also removed the need for humans to perform smaller tasks. An example of this would be within your inbox – does the app sort your emails into mail and junk? This is completed through AI tech and it is something that many of us have been using for years. Personal assistants also use AI to help us make decisions and save time on smaller tasks.

Many of us rely on artificial intelligence in 2020 and we don’t even realise it. It has already changed our lives, and this is just the beginning. As this tech grows and develops, it is expected to improve our lives in a number of other ways.