Alison hits the top 100 biz list

A virtual assistant based in Moira has been named as one of the UK’s most inspiring businesses.

Alison Matthews

VirtuAli Administrative Solutions, founded by Alison Matthews in 2015, works with clients across the UK to review small businesses’ processes and provide solutions to streamline their systems, saving them time on administrative tasks and helping them regain work/life balance.

The business has been chosen to feature in this year’s Small Biz 100, a national campaign which highlights small business success and encourages consumers to support small businesses.

Alison set up VirtuAli Administrative Solutions after 20 years working in administrative roles in Northern Ireland and across Europe in organisations of different sizes and in a range of sectors.

“Receiving the support of the team behind the Small Biz 100, during a time that’s been so tough for so many small businesses, is a huge boost,” said Alison.

“A few years ago, not many people knew what a virtual assistant was - a self-employed professional, usually with a particular administrative, technical or creative expertise, working remotely to support clients - but the VA industry has grown exponentially since then and there are lots of opportunities to work with small businesses doing exciting things. I

“’ve supported over 60 clients since I started my business five years ago and I feel very fortunate to be seeing an increase in demand for my services.”