Businesses pay less for rent at Acorn

YES, the Acorn Business Centre in Ballymoney provides business advice.

Yes, the Acorn Business Centre provides business training, but did you consider that the Acorn Business Centre can provide business premises for less than the town centre?

If your business is struggling to meet the high monthly rental and rate payments associated with your town centre business, why not consider moving to the outskirts and keep your overheads low?

The Acorn Business Centre has a few remaining industrial units to let ranging in size from 353 sq/ft up to 1500 sq/ft and 2 x 500 sq/ft offices to rent at competitive prices. There’s no lease agreement, so you only have to give one month’s notice if you feel that it is time to move on.

Tenants already established at the Acorn Business Centre range greatly with a growing number of retail businesses such as Auld Tat, selling shabby chic, vintage furniture and accessories as well as Liz’s Barbers and Hair Studio 101.

Liz Mooney, proprietor of Liz’s Barbers explains: “Even though we are out of town there are added advantages to being located at the Acorn Business Centre - customers can park right outside the unit, rent and rates are low and there is an added bonus as the Business Centre is securely locked up at night.”

Proprietor of new business, Riada Treasures, Alan Dean holds similar views. “We could never have afforded to set up our antiques business in the town centre. As well as that the staff at the Acorn Business Centre have been extremely supportive in helping us establish the business through appropriate training, advice and mentoring.”

If you feel that your business would benefit from a shift to the outskirts, contact Cara Dallat at the Acorn Business Centre on 028 2766 6133.