Fuel prices: Where in Northern Ireland is the cheapest for petrol and diesel?

The price of diesel and petrol in Northern Ireland is continuing to fall.

The latest statistics from the Consumer Council reveal that the average price of both diesel and petrol has dropped by three pence per litre in the past week in a continuing downward trend.

The update shows that the average price of diesel is now 188.3p per litre while the average price of petrol is 182.3p.

While the figures represent some good news for motorists, the price of filling up at the pumps is still far more expensive than it was this time last year when the average price of diesel in Northern Ireland was 132.2p per litre and the average price of petrol was 130.7p.

Bangor is currently the most expensive place in Northern Ireland for diesel, with an average price of 192.1p.

The cheapest average price was found in Omagh at 179.7p.

When it comes to petrol prices, the average highest was found to be 188p in Ballycastle while the lowest was in Strabane at 174.3p.

How to save on fuel costs

Prices at the pumps are starting to fall. Picture: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The Consumer Council has provided some tips to help motorists save money on fuel.

* Keep your tyres inflated - this reduce the drag and ensures your car is running efficiently.

* Declutter your car - Less weight means less fuel used.

* fill your car up – fuel is heavy.

* Brake and accelerate less – they burn fuel.

* Avoid stopping and starting where possible – roll up slowly.