Donnelly & Taggart take charge with their with new Tyre and Battery Centre in Ballymena

THE Donnelly Group never ‘tyre’ of providing you the customer with unbeatable products and following on from their recent success in tyre sales Donnelly & Taggart have invested in a new, purpose-built retail tyre and battery centre in Ballymena.

While most tyre fitting business tend to stock between 200 and 300 tyres Donnelly Group keep over 1000 tyres in stock.

This modern facility has the capacity to stock 5000 tyres, comprising the most popular brands and patterns to meet local market needs as well as all the major brands plus value brands. We also supply winter tyres, carry out tyre repairs, fitting, balancing and wheel alignment.

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Opened in January on the Antrim road, just off the Seven Towers roundabout our tyre and battery centres incorporate state-of-the-art technology including computerised four-wheel alignment system, midtronics battery tester, tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and Nitrogen Inflation.

Relatively new to N.Ireland is the process of filling your car tyres with Nitrogen rather than air. Manufacturers like Nissan recommend that Nitrogen is used in their GT-R supercars and it’s been used for years in Formula 1, NASCAR, the American military and planes, even the Space Shuttle uses nitrogen.

The benefits from using nitrogen are pretty amazing. Nitrogen has larger molecules than air so it doesn’t seep out through the walls of your tyres as quickly as air so your tyres stay inflated for longer. It also dissipates heat faster than air, heat cause rolling resistance, Nitrogen reduces this heat and will aid with fuel economy. With your tyres running cooler there is less chance of tyre failure so they will last longer too.

At Donnelly’s we wouldn’t recommend a product if we didn’t use it ourselves and currently we run about 900 of our vehicles with Nitrogen in our tyres.  

Of course we have the specialist equipment to inflate your tyres with Nitrogen and with all this cutting edge technology you can be sure you will receive excellent service when having new tyres and batteries fitted or checked.

By some miracle N.Ireland missed the worst of the cold icy weather that the rest of the UK was subjected to. However, there are still dangers in the tyre world and Dasos Michaelides, Donnelly’s Group Tyre Services Manager, explains: “The two biggest offenders are second hand tyres and cheap import budget tyres”.

Dasos has 28 years experience in the tyre industry and is also on the National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA) committee. They have been conducting a lot of surveys and recently went out and bought a selection of around 70 second hand tyres. They found that some had nails in them and at least 20 of them were illegal with the tyres being so bad the composition of the rubber was actually starting to break down.”

Dasos says: “The other worrying thing is the influx of cheap budget tyres. Tests have proven that with these tyres fitted to your car if you brake at 60 mph it will take you 27 metres longer, which is six cars lengths, to bring you vehicle to a standing stop. Also if you drive with four of the cheap import tyres fitted it will cost you £110 pounds a year more in fuel, based on an average of 10,000 miles per year compared to four premium or budget tyres from a leading manufacturer. As if this wasn’t bad enough the cheap import tyres are harder to balance and they produce a lot more road noise.”

The benefit from fitting tyres from a premium brand speaks for themselves and we have partnered with tyre manufactures such as Continental and Pirelli to enable us to offer our customers a wide range of leading brands of tyres at competitive prices.

We have a strong team who are committed to carrying out the best quality service for all our customers. Whether it’s for tyre replacement, repair, balancing, a new battery or advice we are more than happy to help so call into our Tyre Service Centre in Ballymena or telephone 028 2564 9833.

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