In pictures: Ballymoney company leads the way promoting diversity with 'Terex Celebrates Culture' events

A Ballymoney firm is leading the way in promoting diversity and inclusion, having just hosted the second in a series of cultural events for its team members.

Manufacturing company Terex hosted a 'Terex Celebrates Culture' evening recently with the heritage, traditions and cuisine of India as the theme.

It was an opportunity to welcome new members of staff from India, allowing them to share information about their culture and to introduce them to the traditions of Northern Ireland.

Team members at the Frosses Road site - as well as team members from the company's other sites on the island of Ireland - enjoyed cultural talks, videos messages and delicious food in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

A company spokesperson said: "At Terex we are passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion and it was a great pleasure that we all got to celebrate with our team members from all across Terex as we learned about Indian culture, experienced some fine cuisine and got a chance to talk to each other and learn something."

Working alongside Ballymoney Community Resource Centre and the Causeway Multicultural Forum who also attended the event, the evening was also an opportunity for all staff to meet, chat and share experiences.

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