Landscape solutions that make a big impression

Landscape solutions that make a big impression for people with small gardens.

One of the biggest challenges for people with small gardens is to make it appealing as well as functional - the good news is that with clever design and the right use of products and colours, you can have both.

Beth Moore is a Landscape Architect who does consultancy work for the award winning paving and walling manufacturer Tobermore and has vast experience in helping people make the most of tricky and small outdoor areas.

Beth explains: “The golden rule for giving a small garden the WOW factor while making it a practical living space, is to avoid using too many products and colours.”

“The first thing to do is have a focal point, perhaps a circle or diamond-shaped feature in the paving.”

“Some professional tricks include hiding unusual boundary lines with attractive soft landscaping or create the illusion of a larger space with circular paved areas or by placing patios at 45 degree angles.”

“This can make the patio or paved area appear larger without taking up any more of the precious square footage in the garden.”

Beth also advises the use of products which are smaller, “use 400mm x 400mm flags rather than 600mm x 600mm and also limit the variety to no more than three products - to include the use of gravel as a mulch on planted areas.”

“Patio areas should also be large enough to take a table and chairs while still allowing people to move around - they should be at least 3m x 4m.”

“Another idea is to link the play areas to the paving with no change to levels.”

“Hard paved areas for children should have a surface which is relatively smooth - Tobermore’s Shannon range is perfect for this.”

At Tobermore, the emphasis is on getting the design that suits the customer’s individual requirements and applying the best products from the vast range of paving bricks, paving flags, kerbs, steps and walling.

Every customer can benefit from one of Tobermore’s landscape design services. For more information, log onto or visit one of fully landscaped Tobermore Paving & Walling Centres in Tobermore and Bangor.

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