Larne’s Clearer Water wins Ethical Brand Award

A Larne based firm has been recognised by The Good Shopping Guide which champions businesses that advocate for ethical excellence and change.

The Guide, which has been championing businesses in this way for 20 years, recognised Clearer Water as scoring number three in the UK and Ireland Water Bottling industry after their ethical audit process.

Ross Lazaroo-Hood, Co-Chairman and Co-Owner of Clearer Water, said:” Our dedication to manufacturing traceable, ethical products is an exemplar of how business can BE and DO better.

“The Clearer business model facilitates representation, inclusion, diversity and equality.

Co-Chairmen and Co-Owners of Clearer Water - Ross Lazaroo-Hood (left) and Sitki Gelmen

“A model we hope all businesses will emulate in the not so distant future.

“The Good Shopping Guide’s independent accredition shows Clearer Water’s ethical status and myself, Sitki plus all the team at Clearer Water are very pleased to be recognised for the team’s hard work being listed in the Good Shopping Guide as an Ethical Brand”.

Sitki Gelmen, Co-Chairman and Co-owner for Clearer Water, said: “Social impact and ethical practices are at the heart of Clearer Water.

“Being credited as the third most Ethical Bottled Water brand in the UK and Ireland by the Good Shopping Guide is one of the important ways we can assure our customers of the positive impact they can have buying from the Clearer brand.

“We are The Water That Helps People,” he said.