Lisburn comes out third worst for foodies but its not all bad say readers

According to a new report from CIA Landlords Insurance Lisburn is one of the worst spots in the Uk for foodies.

To coincide with the reopening of the hospitality sector, CIA Landlord has looked at which cities in the UK, and across the globe, have the highest number of restaurants per capita to determine the best cities for eating out.

On the flip side, they also established which cities are the least accommodating for British foodies.

The report suggest that Lisburn is the third worst place for food lovers in the UK, just behind Armagh and Chelmsford.

Cities were chosen by those with the highest population in the UK and European Union.

The population size of each city was then compared against the number of restaurants listed on TripAdvisor to find the highest restaurants per capita.

The number of vegan restaurants on TripAdvisor was also divided by the total number of restaurants to determine the plant-based hotspots. Cost of living data from Numbeo was used to find the average meal price for each city. For European cities, currencies were converted into Euros. Scores out of 10 were given for each metric and the overall ranking was determined by the average of these scores.

Our readers agreed that Lisburn needed more variety when it came to restaurants in the city centre but there was also a lot of praise for some of the eateries in the city,

“Square Bistro is fab!” commented Hilary Cunningham and Tony Kearley agreed, saying: “They obviously never went near The Square bistro, quality and service that would be more than a match for anywhere else in the UK.”

Julie Watson commented: “The square is super. Lisburn actually has soooo much potential. It’s only going to get worse unless someone with an entrepreneurial outlook and a focus on long term brand building takes control. I’m delighted to see investors such as the forward thinking Beannchor group investing too, they’ve changed the nightlife scene in Belfast, hopefully they can make inroads in Lisburn too.

The current short term strategy of ‘one hit wonder’ events hoping for some short term gains won’t cut it, the excessive rent and rates greed mindset needs to be challenged if Lisburn wants to become a thriving city.”

Andreww Cunningham said: “Cracking restaurant as in Square Bstro. The new hotel in the Square also does good food and local food,” but he also admitted going to Belfast for greater choice.

Other favourites that popped up were Daltons, Hedleys, Pizzarellys and Del Toro.

“The only place at the moment I would eat in is Del Toro,” added Patricia Keery.