Plenty of support for Sunday market

WE recently asked our Facebook followers for their opinion on whether the proposed Sunday market in Banbridge should get the go-ahead after the proposal was turned down.

The vast majority of our readers seem to think that the market should have been given the go-ahead. Here’s what you had to say:

Glyn Jones: “I was disappointed to hear that Banbridge District Council had turned down the request for a monthly Sunday market in Banbridge town centre.. I believe it is the right of people ‘if they so wish’ to shop, trade, etc. on a Sunday. Likewise, those who would prefer not too ‘don’t have to’!

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“In these times of high street shops closing on a daily basis, surely bringing ‘more trade’ to our town would be advantageous, and in fact could be seen as being very forward thinking on behalf of the organisers and Banbridge District Council? If this was ‘packaged’ as a cross-community incentive - then it could possibly attract funding as such?

“The idea of ‘returning to the town’s roots’ as a ‘market own’ in itself would make it a novel and interesting idea?

“A BIG opportunity missed!”

Norman Martin: “Sure it wouldn’t matter what anyone wants on a Sunday in the town council - some shop owners just say no.”

Kliperz Hairdressers -”Wake up BDC”

Colin Sheehan - “It comes as no surprise in this town. A growing amount of local shoppers will not be shopping in Banbridge town centre again and are quite happy to travel to Portadown, Lisburn or Newry, towns that have freedom and choice.”

Tracy Arlow Burns - “Ridiculous - is it any wonder local people shop elsewhere?”

Carla Hetherington - “Banbridge has so much potential if only the council would allow it!”

Pam Abbott - “Banbridge seems to be losing out on a lot this past while.”

Emmalene Magill - “There is a huge demand for Sunday shopping if the number of locals I meet on a Sunday in the Outlet, Lisburn, Newry, Craigavon, Belfast and Nutts Corner market is anything to go by. On one hand traders and BDC tell us to support our town centre but on the other hand they refuse to give us what we want - choice and value for money. Remember this when voting time comes again.”

Gareth Mccartan - “No doubt the spanner in the works came from those with one sided religious and political views all rolled into one, like everything else they object to when it comes to anything moving forward on a Sunday, the TeliBanbridge council describes it perfectly, time for change people.”

Elaine Turley Jordan - “Give us a Sunday market. Banbridge needs something different to draw the people back or a ghost town we surely will become.

Andrea McComb - “To say i’m surprised by this decision would be a lie. Honestly, times have changed, this is 2013 not the 1900’s. People need to stop Living in the past. This would increase not only footfall, but also help the local infrastructure, helping local businesses, rather than losing out to places like Lisburn, Newry, Belfast, and even Craigavon! Just another nail in the coffin that is Banbridge Town.”

Ticky Toots - “It’s pathetic... there’s little in the town to lure shoppers in unless you want a haircut or a pint (these are the only two reasons I’m ever in Banbridge) I’m rarely in it now. If I need anything I head to Lisburn.”

David Martin - “It’s the right decision for the simple reason no-one will go on a Sunday, everyone’s doing something else on Sunday, like seeing family and stuff. We need a town market, but it needs to be on a Saturday, when the town is busiest, when it’ll get more trade.”

Tony Campbell - “Yet again the religious views of certain Councillors are holding the town back, still living in the stone-age!”

Louise McKinstry - “There is so much talent in this town and I would love to be able to buy it in a market, and why not on a Sunday. My Saturday is crammed with food shopping, football matches and housework. I would love to go to a market in our town, it would bring people into the town centre and give us a unique identity in the area. I would love a walk down to the market followed by a latte in Cafe Kreme once a month.”

Dee Gordon - “Sundays in Banbridge town are atrocious.

“Most shops are closed so I’m presuming they don’t need the money?

“Absolutely disgraceful that our council have turned this down!

“Who exactly do these people think they are representing? Certainly not the majority of town folk as I’m quite sure most people would love a Sunday market!”