Tim Hortons u-turn on parking charges

Parking enforcement is set to be abolished at Tim Hortons in Coleraine following numerous complaints by disgruntled customers who visited the fast food restaurant chain.

A number of customers who received fines following visits to the outlet over recent weeks took to social media to vent their anger, stating that they had received a parking fine of £100 from private company, Civil Enforcement Ltd for exceeding a two-hour stay.

Many say that their stay was less than two hours and yet they still received notification of a fine.

When contacted, a spokesperson for Tim Hortons said: “We can confirm that the parking enforcement was introduced some time ago but we want to reassure the community that it has already been requested to be removed and we’re hoping this is completed asap to avoid any further inconvenience and charges for our guests. We are committed to rectifying this issue.

“We will refund any customer who has paid a fine from January 1, 2022. Affected guests simply need to write to us with evidence of the fine paid after a visit to the Tim Hortons Coleraine restaurant at [email protected].”

East Londonderry MLA Maurice Bradley said: “Following concerns about parking charge notices (PCN’s) being issued at Tim Hortons located in Coleraine, I am pleased that the parking restrictions will be removed.

“The removal will take any time pressure off shoppers and diners using the Riverside Retail Park. These PCN’s can cause undue upset and stress to drivers, especially when they are unaware of restrictions being in place.

“I would, however, remind drivers not to mis-use any of the car parks located within the Retail Park.”