VIDEO: Portstewart B&B unveils fantastic North West 200 tribute wall mural

As a tribute to the world famous North West 200 road races, the writing’s on the wall for one Portstewart B&B – well, the artwork is!

Positioned perfectly on the North West 200 course, Maureen Davidson’s B&B No5 Portrush Road offers guests an ideal spot to watch the races from so Maureen decided to enlist the talents of Bangor mural artist Ian Lowry to create a tribute wall to the road racing spectacle.

Maureen said: “As a host, I have the opportunity to make guests’ experiences memorable. Seeing their smiles, hearing their stories, and knowing that I have contributed to their happines can be immensely fulfilling.

"As a Bed and Breakfast owner, I am part of the community and including the motorbikes in my mural reinforces my connection to the local riders, their passion and the shared love for the NW200.

"Motorbike racing is all about speed, adrenaline and excitement. My mural captures the essence of this thrilling sport, evoking the rush of wind and the roar of the engines as riders navigate the NW200 track.

"Motorcycles symbolise freedom and adventure. By featuring them in my mural, I convey a sense of escape, open roads, and the thrill of exploration – a perfect fit for a Bed and Breakfast where my guests seek relaxation and adventure.

"My mural tells a story and each bike represents more than just a machine – it embodies passion, history and the spirit of the NW200, fitting for such a brilliant fixture in the road racing calendar.”