Wrightbus declares its Streetdeck is world’s most efficient electric double-decker

Wrightbus has declared that its rapid-charge StreetDeck Electroliner is officially the most efficient double deck battery-electric bus in the world.

It says official assessments undertaken at UTAC using the ZEMO-accredited Ultra Low Emission Bus (ULEB) test showed that the StreetDeck Electroliner achieved a result of 0.69 kWh/km. This is around half the energy consumed by its closest BEV double deck UK rival and significantly better than all other BEV single deck bus results published on the ZEMO website.

Not only is it more energy-efficient, but according to ULEB calculations, the StreetDeck Electroliner also produces an impressive 86 per cent less CO2 per km than the ZEMO Euro6 Diesel baseline.

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The ULEB tests are carried out on a 4 wheel rolling dyno at UTAC using the UK Bus Drive Cycle (UKBC) which is designed to combine inner city, outer city and higher speed intercity driving. The chamber is set at a 10oC ambient temperature and the upper and lower saloon must achieve 17oC (plus/minus 2oC) to reflect UK average temperatures.

The Wrightbus rapid-charge StreetDeck Electroliner

Energy savings compared to the equivalent StreetDeck Ultroliner ultra-low diesel bus mean the StreetDeck Electroliner is £14,500 cheaper to run a year (based on today’s subsidised diesel price vs today’s electricity price over annual distances of 80,000kms per annum).

The StreetDeck Electroliner - which was the first ever BEV from Wrightbus - offers the perfect combination of range and efficiency, maximising power and offering class-leading recharge times.

Utilising a French battery pack which delivers 454kWh and a 200-mile range, the Electroliner will recharge in 2 hours 45 minutes and cope with most routes, whether urban or rural. Nor has the bus compromised on layout or capacity, with batteries efficiently stored around the bus to ensure passenger comfort is not compromised.

CEO Buta Atwal said he was delighted with the StreetDeck Electroliner efficiency results, stating: “It’s phenomenal news that the StreetDeck Electroliner has officially been shown to be the world’s most efficient BEV bus. We’ve always known that we had a market-leading product so to have it proven at UTAC is incredibly satisfying.

“We have already gained a strong reputation for our hydrogen double deck but we want to lead the world in zero-emissions full stop,” he said.

“Wrightbus has the best brains in the business when it comes to technology and our StreetDeck Electroliner puts us squarely at the front of the pack.

“We haven’t weighed the bus down with a high battery volume just so we can say it’s got the most power or range; instead, we’ve made it the most efficient vehicle on the road by combining optimum power with a class-leading rapid charge, meaning our electric bus spends more time on the road than any other.”

A deal to supply 80 of the buses to Translink made them the first operator to have the vehicles in service when they started carrying passengers in March this year.