JumpMix League gets underway at Hagans Croft

Saturday 23rd April seen the start of Hagans Croft Equestrians Jump Mix league. The course consisted of a mixture of coloured an rustic fences, where competitors jumped fences 1-8 and then fences 9-12 where timed.

The day started out with the x-poles class where the judge was very impressed to see everyone achieving a clear round, all of whom where unassisted, remembered their full course of 12 fences and even managed to canter some of the course, finishing with big smiles on their faces and a rosette to prove all their hard work pays off.

The 50cm class seen all the fences adjusted to parallels, fillers and spreads were kept out at this stage to allow those moving up from x-poles to give it a go and gain confidence.

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The timer did come into effect over the latter part of the course - fences 9-12 which meant that rosettes 1st to 6th were awarded. Chloe Hamilton and ‘Archie’ taking home the red rosette and Megan Burns riding ‘Merlin’ taking the blue rosette home.

Lily Henderson and Emily

Onto the 60cm class where the course took on another dimension, fillers where added across the course and also back poles added to make spreads to some fences. Only 3 double clears finished the course and with Maisie Elliott and ‘Moonlight’ completing the course in the fastest time of 30.09 seconds, the pair took the win. Second place went to Gail Hadden on her mighty cob ‘Diesel’, the pair competed the course with a smile on both their faces and in a time of 33.91 seconds they certainly had something to celebrate when they took home the blue ribbon.

The 70cm class was the largest of the day, with a total of 14 competitors the competition was certainly hotting up. With 7 double clear rounds it came down to which competitors completed fences 9-12 in the fastest time and with 25.47 seconds on the clock it was Melanie Corbett and ‘Calypso’ who jumped into first place, cantering home with the red ribbon. Eva Wright and ‘Cappa Rose’ finished in a time of 29.06 seconds and second place.

What a great start to the 70cm league for these pair.

Chloe McLaughlin and her bay gelding ‘Teddyboy’ certainly made their mark on the 80cm class, with a faultless and speedy round, in fact the pair achieved the fastest round of the day with a time of 23.59 seconds there was no denying them first place and the red ribbon.

Megan Burns and Merlin

Aoife Davies was delighted with her pony ‘Pip’s’ performance in the 80cm class as they improved on their placing and speed time from the previous class. The pair claimed the blue rosette in a time of 29.25 seconds. A successful weekend

Onto the 90cm class where competitors where finding it hard to keep poles intact and even having a few sat nav issues. Clear rounds were feared to be non existent until Chloe Rooney entered the arena on ‘Aria’, the pair were the only ones to secure a double clear, therefore no-one could take the win away from them.

The icing on the cake was that the pair finished the course in a time of 29.10 seconds.

A few late entries meant that the 1m class went ahead, much to Sienna Dalzell and Chloe McLaughlin’s delight as the two friends battled it out for the top spot.

Gail Hadden and Diesel

Great sportsmanship and encouragement ensued however Sienna and ‘Diamond’ where the ones coming home with the red ribbon for their double clear in a time of 32.06 seconds, followed by Chloe and ‘Teddyboy’ in second place

Hagans Croft would like to thank everyone who supported the 1st leg of Hagan’s Croft’s five week Jump Mix League. Thank you to Black Horse Photography for covering the event. All photographs can be viewed and purchased from the Black Horse Photography website.

This league runs every Saturday until 21st May and is open to everyone.

Entries are via Hagans Crofts website www.haganscroftequestrian.co.uk or you can also enter via the Hagans Croft App. Entries close each Thursday at 8pm and times are posted late Thursday evening.

Melanie Corbett and Calypso

To qualify for the final in week five, each horse/pony and rider combination must compete in three out of the five weeks and within the same class.

Competitors must compete in the final to be eligible for league placings, placings will be based on a points system.

The final is open to everyone with a separate prize giving taking place for competitors on the day and league competitors.

To find out more about the league, please contact Gillian on 07849 106453 or go to the website: www.haganscroftequestrian.co.uk

Jump Mix Results

Saturday 23rd April 2022

Sienna Dalzell and Diamond

Class 1 - X-Poles

Clear Rounds

Lily Henderson, Emily; Megan Burns, Lily; Chloe Hamilton, Archie; Rachel Stranney, Snowy

Class 2 - 50cm

1) Chloe Hamilton, Archie; 2) Megan Burns, Merlin; 3) Anna Poots, Jack; 4) Maisie Elliott, Bubba; 5) Rose Henderson, Tubster; 6) Chloe Martin, Cherry Cola Lola.

Class 3 - 60cm

1) Maisie Elliott, Moonlight; 2) Gail Hadden, Diesel; 3) Amy Wright, Rathcairn Blue; 4) Maisie Anderson, Izzy; 5) Vivienne Andrews, Sarahs Pebbles; 6) Chloe Martin, Cherry Cola Lola.

Class 4 - 70cm

1) Melanie Corbett, Calypso; 2) Eva Wright, Cappa Rose; 3) Aoife Davis, Pip; 4) Amy Cope, Buckaroo; 5) Chloe Rooney, Archie; 6) Gail Hadden, Diesel.

Class 5 - 80cm

1) Chloe McLaughlin, TeddyBoy; 2) Aoife Davis, Pip; 3) Sienna Dalzell, Diamond; 4) Abbey Stevenson, Belle; 5) Eva Wright, Cappa Rose; 6) Sara Gray, Keizer.

Class 6 - 90cm

1) Chloe Rooney, Aria; 2) Sienna Dalzell, Diamond; 3) Grainne Moore, Hugo; 4) Aimee McKeown, Russel; 5) Abbey Stevenson, Belle; 6) Adam Truesdale, Bailey.

Class 7 - 1m

1) Sienna Dalzell, Diamond; 2) Chloe McLaughlin, TeddyBoy.