Ballycastle High ‘celebrate their success’ at prize day

Ballycastle High School held its annual prize day recently.

GCSE pupils
GCSE pupils

Principal Ian Williamson welcomed guests, staff and pupils to the event.

Addressing the audience, he welcomed guests of honour Rev. Barton and Mr Trevor McMullan, a former Ballycastle High School pupil, who has played a significant role in developing football both as a player and a coach for over 20 years.

Mr Williamson also praised all the hardwork of the school adding: “Today I base my report upon what I believe to be three strengths of this school; Education for academic excellence; Education for sport and leisure and Education for cultural and social development.

The C. W. McMaster Memorial Cup for the Prefect making the most significant contribution to the Sixth Form Experience to Rachel Hunter

“I have stated in the past and I will state again today, that the discerning qualities, traits and professionalism which I have just alluded to are well established in the ‘All-Round School’ ethos of Ballycastle High. Indeed, this has been validated in our recent Education and Training Inspectorate Report from January 2019, I quote; “The pupils who met with the inspectors were friendly and confident, reflecting the school’s welcoming and inclusive ethos. The pupils develop leadership and interpersonal skills through a range of sporting, social and cultural extra-curricular opportunities…”. We continue to drive forward a vision which benefits not only our pupils and our school, but the community of which it is part and it is with this in mind that we celebrate today our success.”

The Ballycastle Rotary Cup for Service above Self to Alice Baird
The Sixth Form cup for First Year Work presented by Josh Graham and The Miss E Simpson Cup for Junior French to Sarah Kinney
The Martin Huey Cup to Ryan Henry
The Jagoe Cup for High Achievement in the Lower Sixth and The HA Boyd Perpetual Memorial History Prize and The Ward Cup for Cross Community Contribution to Josh Graham
Religious Studies and Food and Nutrition to Emma Elder and Bethany McAllister
Business Studies to Ben McGinty
The Gilmour Cup for Champion House 2016/17 to Glendun
The John Leitch Trophy awarded for showing an exceptional and unexpected; Jordan Currie, Robert Dowey, Caleb Kane and Adam Knox
The Mrs EP ONeill Cup for Mathematics in the Junior School to Alice Anderson and Kristina Kane
Year 10 Class Prize; Alice Anderson, Emma Pinkerton, Stuart Wilkinson, Jason McCann, Caitlin Mann and Mark McConnell
History and John-Hugh McCallion Cup For Leadership at KS4 to Chloe Black
The Anne German Cup for 1st XI Girls Hockey and Geography to Lauren Laverty and Lois McConaghy
Science award to Sunita McConaghy
Year 8 Class prize; Oliver Bell, Sunita McConaghy, Lennon Bradley and Gareth McClure
Music award to Lorraine Walker and James Creith
The McCook Cup for Endeavour in Year 8 and The Headmasters Special Awards to Hermia He
Modern Languages to Hermia He and Amy Davidson
The Sayers Cup to Eloise McCurdy and Sophia Catherwood
The Rice Cup for Modern Languages to Louise Parke and Eloise McCurdy
Year 9 Class prize; Kari Brown, Gracey Elder, Louise Parke, Ciara Burrows, Sarah Watton and Matthew Acheson
The Bradley Cup for Proficiency in Business Studies award winners Justin Simpson and Bethany McAllister
NONCN Level 1 Award in Developing Skills for Employment - Event Management are Chloe Black, Lauren Freeman and Lauren Laverty
Learning for Life and Work and Technology winner Rebecca Simpson
The Dame Louise McIlroy Cup for Science and History Prize winner Justin Simpson
Winners of The FH Girvan Cup for Science in the Junior School, The Colin Hargie Cup for English in the Junior School, The ODW Hargie Cup for English and Communication Skills and The Mrs Maude Marshall Rose Bowl for Art are Kristina Kane, Alice Anderson, Lois Kennedy and Jessica Cunningham
The McGildowney Bequest Music Cup winner Lois Kennedy
BTEC Countryside and Environmen and BTEC Sport Art pupils Lois Taggart and Katelyn Penney