Ballymena Academy performance was ‘better than ever’

Following on from the 2013 results, the best previously obtained by pupils of the school, the Ballymena Academy’ students are celebrating even further improvement.

Students from Ballymena Academy who got three A's or better in their A Level exams are pictured with Mr. Ronnie Hassard (retiring principal) and Mr. Stephen Black (incoming principal). INBT34-218AC
Students from Ballymena Academy who got three A's or better in their A Level exams are pictured with Mr. Ronnie Hassard (retiring principal) and Mr. Stephen Black (incoming principal). INBT34-218AC

Outgoing Principal, Mr. Ronnie Hassard, who retires at the end of this month, congratulated all those who had done so well and thanked parents for the part they play in supporting such a remarkably high level of success.

And he applauded the school’s teaching and support staff for their essential work.

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“In recent years the Awarding Bodies - including CCEA - have acted to control grade inflation (year-on-year increases in pass rates and numbers of higher grades awarded). In that context, it is even more commendable that the results obtained by our pupils have shown yet further improvement.

“These results confirm yet again the very positive findings of the most recent Inspection Report, showing very clearly that Ballymena Academy continues to be a very good school, prioritising pupils and promoting high standards of learning and achievement.”

The newly-appointed Principal, Mr. Stephen Black, added his congratulations to the young people on the considerable success achieved at both ‘A’ and ‘AS’ levels.

“It was especially gratifying, from a whole school perspective it is very encouraging to note the levels of achievement across the school curriculum with almost all subjects significantly in excess of N.I. Grammar School averages.”

Facts and figures:

24 ‘A’ Level subjects were offered to the 159 young people. 93% of the ‘A’ Level results received were grades A*-C.

Girls’ and boys’ achievement levels are almost identical; the gender inequalities which are so significant in many other schools and across society as a whole are not evidenced in Ballymena Academy. 84.3% of the young people achieved 3 or more passes at grades A*-C, well above the Northern Ireland Grammar School average of 77%. 59% of the 481 separate subject grades awarded were in STEM subjects. [Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics]

Over 25% of the year group achieved a minimum of 3 ‘A’ grades, with a number gaining A* in all subjects.

Independent analysis, carried out by the A-Level Information Service (ALIS), based at the University of Durham, shows that the school ‘adds value’.

This analysis shows that, on average, pupils receive a significantly higher standard of ‘A’ Level results in Ballymena Academy than their counterparts in other schools across Northern Ireland and Great Britain. 41 pupils each obtained a minimum of 3 A* grades.


Top achievers were as follows:Two pupils secured 4 A* grades - Michael Gillan and Thomas Mellon. 10 pupils each obtained a combination of four A*/A grades – Katherine Aiken, Carla Cameron, James Johnston, Sophie Johnston, Sarah McBride, Peter McCrum, Michael McKelvey, Naomi McLees, Peter Moore, Peter Neeson.

A further 29 pupils obtained three A*/A grades, or more – Erinn Byrne, Philip Caldewrood, Rachael Coulter, Laura Davison, Zoe Dickson, Mairi Dundee, Ruth Foster, Adele Getty, Naomi Gracey, Adam Greer, Emma Johnston, Beatrice Kane, Sarah Kelso, Jessica McAfee, Katie McGaughey, Amy McIlhagga, Laura McKane, Katherine McKerr, William McMullan, Hannah Millar, Andrew Montgomery, Daniel Moody, Judith Morrow, Richard Morrow, Jason Nicoletti, Troy Ramsey, Eva Richards, Lesley Snoddy, Jenny Sutherland.