‘Gold star’ report at Moorfields Primary

Parents of children at Moorfields Primary School have a ‘high level of satisfaction with the overall provision in the school’ reports the Education and Training Inspectorate.

Moorfields PS pupils Matthew McConnell, Lucy McLeister and Rachel Wylie working on the school laptops. INBT47-205AC

The outcome of Moorfields Primary School’s latest inspection by the Department of Education Inspectorate has been a positive success.

An Inspection Team visited the school in early September and was delighted with the quality of the teaching which they described as a key strength.

They also noted that the children are well motivated and enjoy their learning.

The report identifies a coherent whole school approach to planning, teaching and assessment which takes account of the children’s interests and abilities. This has resulted in good standards being achieved by the children in literacy and numeracy.

The children achieve very good standards in information and communication technology (ICT) and use ICT effectively as an integral part of their learning.

Another key strength is the quality of the school’s approach to pastoral care which is described as very good. The school has a very caring and supportive ethos based on mutual respect and very good working relationships at all levels. The children participate in a wide range of additional learning experiences which enhance their personal development. The school’s links with local and wider global communities also receives praise.

Mrs Gillian Scott welcomed the findings of the report and noted the praise which the Inspection team gave the senior leadership team which was reported as having a clear direction for the school’s development and being fully committed to the well-being of the children and raising the standards they attain.

“We are really pleased that the report recognises the achievements of our children of whom we are very proud and the strong collegial approach which the staff take is clearly making a significant contribution to this.”

Commenting on the report,the Chairman of the Board of Governors, Jim Allister MLA, said he was delighted by the outcome of the School Inspection at Moorfields.

“It is gratifying to have it confirmed that the standard and quality of educational provision at Moorfields is high.

“It is particularly pleasing to see the quality of the teaching noted as a key strength in the school. This is what parents expect and what our teachers see as their top priority. It is the quality of the teaching and the exemplary pastoral care which makes Moorfields the success it is.

“I wish to pay tribute to the principal and all the teachers for their constant hard work and dedication. Inspections are tough and to pass successfully is a great credit to all.”