High-achieving pupils rewarded at Ballyclare school

Students’ accomplishments were celebrated at Ballyclare High School’s annual prize giving ceremony on September 22.

Principal Dr Michelle Rainey welcomed those in attendance to the event alongside the guest of honour, Mr Steven Lowry, who was Head Boy at the Rashee Road school in 1990-91.

Commenting on some of the highlights from the past year, Dr Rainey said: “Although there was very exciting news for Ballyclare High School this year with the announcement of a new build in the next seven years, we want to maintain a bright and inviting learning environment for the staff and pupils of the current generation, despite the serious financial challenge we navigate.

“Available funding streams that have afforded us premises improvements in the past ran dry very quickly after the onset of Covid-19 but nonetheless we have been wise with our spending choices and have invested in a much-needed refurbishment of the staff kitchen and the staffroom. We also completed some painting projects around the school, to brighten up some tired classrooms.

Ballyclare High's top GCSE students Andrew Doherty and Will Montgomery with the McMullan Cup and Foweather Prizes.

“It is important to acknowledge our continual gratitude for the flexibility of all our ancillary teams in school who strive to keep the premises in the best condition possible with the resources available to them.

“As always, any support and assistance you might be able to afford the school in this regard would be gratefully received.”

Dr Rainey added: “It is very difficult to do justice to the huge amount of outstanding work going on in school on an occasion like this. It’s also difficult to do justice to recognition for all associations and organisations that are part of Ballyclare High School and that make it special.

“We are blessed with such a talented and dedicated staff who empower you and each other to be the best they can be, who are wed to their vocation and committed fulsomely to you, our pupils, in a way that defies any adversity they face.

Year 10 achievers.

“We have a support staff second to none who are vital components of the ecosystem that supports the rich and healthy diversity here, allowing all to flourish.

“Our governors, wholly committed to upholding only the best for you all are invaluable contributors too, and I extend to them my personal gratitude for all we have accomplished this year.”

Addressing the award winners, Dr Rainey stated: “Congratulations. You are the champions of academic progress and achievement and you deserve all the praise. We are so very proud of all of you.

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Year 11 achievers.

“May the trophies and awards, the words of recognition and the thrill of your teachers and your families, afford you a time to shine.”

Year 12 achievers.
Year 13 achievers.
Year 14 leavers.
Year 8 achievers.
Year 9 achievers.
Ballyclare High Prize Evening winners, Jorja Dempster, Abigail Reid, Kyle McCrea, Nathan Lavery, Annabel Wilkinson and Rachel Millar.