Friends Lisburn pupils smile having received their much-anticipated results

In pictures: Friends principal congratulates Lisburn pupils for ''rising to the challenge''

Principal of Friends’ in Lisburn congratulates pupils on their GCSE, AS and A-Level results in ‘‘difficult circumstances’’

Stephen Moore, Principal of Friends’, has congratulated pupils on their GCSE, AS and A-level results.

In a statement provided to the Ulster Star, Mr Moore said that pupils had ‘‘demonstrated great resilience over the past two years, which had been badly affected by the pandemic,’’ and that they had ‘‘worked hard in adverse circumstances to achieve a very high standard across all of their subjects.’’

Continuing, Mr Moore explained: ‘‘While it has been difficult, pupils have risen to the challenge and adapted their learning to make sure that they are ready for the next stage of their lives, whether that involves moving to university or further education, taking a gap year, or returning to school to complete A-levels.

‘‘As pupils your optimism and determination has helped you achieve your goals in spite of everything that had gone on.’’

Mr Moore also paid tribute to the staff at school who had remained ‘‘optimistic’’ throughout the last 18 months and had found ‘‘innovative ways of engaging pupils with their subjects.’’

He added:‘‘The lessons learned over the course of the pandemic will prove useful in the future.’’

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