New outdoor classroom and polytunnel for Gracehill Primary

Gracehill Primary PTA have presented the School and Nursery Unit with £9,291 in aid of the school’s new outdoor classroom and polytunnel.

Gracehill PTA has primarily focussed on financially supporting the school in areas where there would otherwise be insufficient budget.

A spokesperson said: “By aggregating funds collected over two academic years, we were able to deliver on what has been one of Gracehill PTA’s most ambitious projects to date.

“We feel a deep sense of reward in seeing these new installations on the school grounds and we are excited at the prospect of our pupils being able to avail of lessons in these new learning environments.

L-R: Laura Hutchinson (Gracehill PTA Chairperson), Kelly McKendry (Gracehill PTA Treasurer), Brian Reynolds (Gracehill PTA Secretary), Mrs. J. Rowe (Vice-Principal),

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to parents and friends of the school for their generous support for PTA fundraisers over the past two academic years.”

The new polytunnel
Gracehill Primary's new outdoor classroom