School provides special education

The principal of Cross and Passion College in Ballycastle has praised the ‘special provision’ given to pupils at the school.

Top Achievers in GCSE Examinations 2018: Pathway 1 Eoin Crawford, Caitlin Heggarty, Cealach OConnor, Aine McKendry, Cara Casey, Ide Hughes, Amy Young, Ellie Glackin, John OKane, Connlaoth McTaggart, Enya McShane, Elena Morton, Emma McAfee and Claire McBride. Pathway 2 Owen Magee, Kacee McKendry, Callum Butler, Caoimhe Butler and Clodagh OKane. Occupational Pathway Corey Campbell, Damian Quinn and Conor OMullan

At Prize Day, Paul McClean welcomed Reverend Fr Daly, the Board of Governors, special guest Donal Reid and most importantly ‘our pupils who are here to receive recognition for a host of successes, victories and achievements during the last academic year’.

He also expressed thanks to Mrs McCaughan, Chair of the Board of Governors as well as all the hard work and dedication of staff, parents and families ‘who work so positively with us all year round’.

He added: I have attended and been involved in many celebrations of achievement during my time in education, however, my first experience of the Cross and Passion College way of doing things was very shortly after appointment in September 2016 and I was struck then, just as you and I will be again, with the range of awards, the achievements of the pupils and the very honest and heartfelt tributes that the staff have written about the young people they have cared for and helped on their way to reaching their potential.

Class certificates for the top girl(s) and top boy(s) in summer 2019 Examinations. Year 8; Red Route Ciara Smyth and Cian Baudant, Green Route Cvita Olivari, Conan McErlain and Kieran McToal. Year 9; Red Route Shannagh Hegarty and Zach Mitchell, Green Route Olivia Kelly, Christy Connolly and Gavin McToal. Year 10; Red Route Cerys McCormick and Pablo Mitchell. Green Route Elora McGarry and Ben Devine

“The breadth of awards and successes here, achieved by pupils from right across the spectrum of our school are a testament to the academic and extra-curricular opportunities that exist here in the college. Well done to all.”

Special class certificates for outstanding contribution to Form class: 8ED Mollie McNaughton,, 8EK Orla McDevitt, 8ND Roisin Magee, 8LH Ruby Hills, 8SY Neil McAuley-Patton, 9CC Riona McAuley, 9EC Aoife McAuley, 9EM Ava McAuley, 9LE Zach Mitchell, 9CA Aimee Connor, 10AC Aoife Kinney, 10CH Kathryn Anderson, 10CR Molly Scullion, 10FC Cara Clarke, 11BV Dara Watterson, 11MH Fionnuala Kelly, 11PB Pierce Morgan, 11SA Katie Loughran, 11TO Jack Colgan, 12GM Conlith McKinley, 12PY Caitlin Heggarty, 12SW Amber Kane, 12JK John OKane, 13CW Fionnuala Toner, 13EY Ellie Carson, 13IC Jack Murphy, 13JD Owen McClements
Ballycastle Rotary Club Award (for service above self) Graice Cunningham and Owen McClements
Individual Cup Winners, Sports Awards: R P Fulton Memorial Cup (for soccer) Ardan Kelly, The Dermot Donnelly Memorial Cup (for hurling) Rian McMullan and School Cup (for netball) Fionnuala Toner
Individual Cup Winners, Sports Awards: Vice Principals Cup (for proficiency in girls sport) Aoibheann Donnelly, The Mc Garry Cup (for proficiency in boys sport ) Orann Donnelly and The John Darragh Memorial Shield Tiernan Heggarty (for exemplary dedication to school sport)
The Mary OHara Cup Anna Connolly (For Post-16 Health and Social Care) along with Mrs U Kelly (Teacher of Health and Social Care)
Individual Cup Winners: Choral Cup (for contribution to choir) Corey Watt and Glens of Antrim Cup (in Learning for Life and Work) Aine McKendry
Individual Cup Winners: Hugh Boyd Cup (For Investigative Learning ) Seamus Connolly along with Mr P McClean (Principle)
Individual Cup Winners: Elizabeth Prout Cup (for Religious Education) Nuala McCaughan, First Trust Bank Cup (for GCSE Business Studies) Aine McKendry, Causeway Cup (for KS4 Health & Social Care) Joanne McCarry, The Cathal Dallat Shield (for KS4 History) Katie Glackin and Gemma McKemdry, Glentaisie Cup (for Geography) Cara Casey The Sheskburn Garage Cup (For participation in the Occupational Studies Programme) Dylan Devlin
Individual Cup Winners: Ulster Bank Cup ( for Mathematics) Owen McClements, Past Pupils Cup (for Science) Eoin Crawford, Northern Bank Cup (for ICT) Eoin Crawford, Master Hughes Cup (for Technology and Design) Caitlin Heggarty and Aine McKendry and Home Safety Schools Cup (for Home Economics) Cara Casey
Individual Cup Winners: The Donard Cup (for languages - Spanish) Enya McShane, Corn na Maoile (Contribution to the promotion of Cealách OConnor Irish language) and Helena Mary Smyth Cup (for English) Íde Hughes
Top Subject Achievers in Cross and Passion College for GCSE / BTEC Examinations 2019: Agriculture (BTEC) Erin McMullan, Art and Design Íde Hughes, Business Studies Aine McKendry, Child Development Jessica Martin, Construction Owen Magee, Drama Eimear McMullan, English Language Caitlin Heggarty, English Literature Eoin Crawford, French Caitlin Heggarty, Further Mathematics Caitlin Heggarty, Geography Cara Casey, History Amy Young, Home Economics Cara Casey, Hospitality Caoimhe Butler, Irish Cara Casey, ICT Eoin Crawford, Learning for Life and Work Aine McKendry, Mathematics Eoin Crawford and Caitlin Heggarty, Music Amber Kane, Occupational Studies Rebecca Ellis, Physical Education Caitlin Heggarty, Religious Studies Caitlin Heggarty, Íde Hughes and Amy Young, Science (Double Award) Eoin Crawford, Science (Single Award) Owen Magee, Spanish Ide Hughes, Sport (BTEC) Rebecca Ellis and Technology and Design Aine McKendry