Slemish College celebrating outstanding A-Level success

Staff and students of Slemish College joined together on Tuesday to celebrate the outstanding results achieved at A level, by the Class of 2021. The school said that over the last two, challenging years, the students showed resilience; determination and as a group of young people, they truly reflect the values of Slemish College.

Amongst the top grade achievers were: Katherine Warren, who will read History at Edinburgh University; Kirsten Agnew who will read Medicine at Manchester University; Caitlin Doole (Architecture at Queen’s University, Belfast); Lauren Stewart (Psychology at Queen’s University

Belfast); Grace Foster, (History at Queen’s University Belfast); Aimee Greenan, (Communications, Advertising and Marketing at University of Ulster); Lauren McAuley, (Screen Production at University of Ulster); Ella-Beth Faulkner, (Films Studies and Production at Queen’s University Belfast); Hannah Girvin, (Engineering at University of Ulster); Stewart Killough, (Business and Education at Stranmillis University College); Marc Rainey, (History at Queen’s University, Belfast); Taylor Smyth, (Software Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast); Shane McCollum, (Computer Science at Queen’s University, Belfast); Charlie McCurdy, (Quantity Surveying and Building Management at University of Ulster); Niall McManus, (Building Surveying at the University of Ulster); Ben Holmes, (History at Queen’s University Belfast); Tamzin Murray, (Zoology at Bangor University); and Erin Robb, (History and Sociology at Queen’s University, Belfast).

Mrs Dawn Mitchell, Head of The Upper School at Slemish, said: “All of us at Slemish College are immensely proud of the achievements of the Class of 2021. After the difficulties presented by the last two years, it has been so pleasing to see that their hard work and determination has been rewarded. We will look forward to hearing updates on the next stage of their educational journeys. We know they will be highly successful in all that they do.”

Slemish A Level Students celebrating their results. Charlie McCurdy will study Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management; Dylan Roy will study Computer Science, and Niall McManus will study Building Surveying at the University of Ulster.

Mr Mike Bennett, Principal, said: “We are really delighted with our students’ successes, and recognise the immense work and effort they have invested in achieving each and every grade. As they have always been, they are a credit to the school, to their families, and indeed to themselves. The outcomes they have achieved are simply outstanding. I am confident that they will take the values of Slemish College with them, along with their educational success.”

Hannah Girvin and Aimee Greenan of Slemish College celebrating top grades in all subjects. Hannah will study Engineering, and Aimee Communcation, Advertising and Marketing, at the University of Ulster.
Stewart Killough, Outgoing President of Slemish College Students’ Council, celebrating his top grades. Stewart will take the next steps to his teaching career, studying at Stranmillis University College.
Slemish’s Abbie McCosh and Kirsten Agnew celebrate top grades at A Level. Kirsten will study Medicine at Manchester University.