Student planning for future career through plumbing apprenticeship

Artur Szymanek, from Augher, who studies a Level 3 Plumbing apprenticeship at South West College, is hoping the education and experience he’s gaining in the classroom and onsite with his employer will help him towards a successful career in the plumbing industry.

Artur explains he became aware of the options available at South West College while he was at school. He says, “we used to come to South West College one day a week and study the fundamentals of some of the courses and subjects on offer, such as mechanics, plumbing and brickwork. Plumbing was the one that stuck out for me, so when I left school after my GCSE’s I came to the college to focus on it. I’m working with a great employer now, as well as studying at South West College one day a week, so I’m getting great experience and always learning and improving at the skills I need to work in this industry.”

Artur says that the apprenticeship model appealed to him immediately as it allows him to learn in the way that best suits his character and skillset. He says, “everyone’s different and by the time I’d finished my GCSE’s I felt that I was ready to leave school because I really wanted to get out and start experiencing the working world. This apprenticeship program means I’m out onsite four days a week and in South West College one day a week which is perfect for me because I prefer being hands on with something, I’m definitely someone who learns by doing. In the future I hope to be self employed and I really believe that what I’m learning here, as well as with my employer, will give me the skills to do that.”

Artur is one of many students enjoying the advantages of an apprenticeship at South West College. Apprenticeships endorse learning by doing, bring students into working environments and allow them to earn a wage. They provide real industry experience as well as the class-room-taught theory behind it, and for students and employers they are the perfect training system.

Artur Szymanek, from Augher, who studies a Level 3 Plumbing apprenticeship at South West College.

Artur’s tutor, Andrew Barrett, says apprenticeships are a perfect learning curve for students like Artur. Andrew said: “The variety of courses we offer here at South West College helps ensure that students are aware of the opportunities available to them in different trade industries, and apprenticeships are a perfect way for them to experience an industry head on, learning skills and earning money as they do so. Employers are always open and supportive when it comes to taking on apprentices. Apprenticeships have been at the heart of industries such as plumbing for a long time and at South West College we’re proud to have a reputation that ensures businesses and employers are happy to work with us and our students.”

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