Superb display as St Francis’ marks 10th year

DEPUTY First Minister Martin McGuinness with Education Minister John O’Dowd enjoyed the 10th anniversary celebrations at St Francis’ Primary School in Lurgan with a superb display by the children.

The top politicians were in awe of the colourful and imaginative display depicting in music, dance and poetry, life at St Francis’.

A choir of girls and boys in their blue and grey uniform received uproarious applause for their special anthem on St Francis’ PS written by Marty Lavery.

Three little dancers performed a reel and the international ethos of the school was portrayed by the host of children of various nationalities attending the school.

The Gaelic ethos of the school was displayed by students at Bunscoil Naomh Proinsias who study in the native gaelic language at the Irish Medium Unit and integrate totally within St Francis’ school.

And among the presentations was one to the Education Minister from his daughter Molly O’Dowd, a pupil at Bunscoil Naomh Proinsias.

St. Francis’ P.S. is the result of three schools in the area of Lurgan - St. Joseph’s Infant School, Sacred Heart Girls’ school and St Peter’s Boys’ school- amalgamating in September 2001. It currently has 819 pupils, 129 which belong to the Irish Medium Unit. The school would also have around 37 EAL children.

The school marked the 10th anniversary with the unveiling of a colourful crest designed by Gerard Comac of Trade Signs.

The plaque, which was jointly unveiled by Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness and Education Minister John O’Dowd, was a collage of fascinating photographs of various events throughout the past ten years at St Francis’.

Mr. Michael McEnery Chairperson of the Board of Governors said: “The amalgamation of three schools into one has been a success and continues to be one. St Francis’ provides a safe environment where children learn and grow.”

School Principal Anthony Mc Morrow said: “The celebration of our ten year anniversary is a big occasion for the school.

“We are delighted to welcome the Deputy First Minister who performed the opening ceremony in 2001 and the Minister for Education who is a parent in our school.

“We are also pleased to welcome past pupils, staff, parents, current and past governors and friends and colleagues who have an association with the school.”

Music for our slideshow presentation provided by Unquiet Nights