Top anti-racism accolade for Mallusk Integrated PS

Staff and pupils at Mallusk Integrated Primary are celebrating after the school received the Anti-Racism School of the Year award last week.

The accolade was awarded at the Advancing Racial Equality Awards ceremony on September 22.

The awards recognise individuals, teams, groups, or networks that have been leading action, removing barriers and enhancing the inclusion of and engagement with ethnic minority people across Northern Ireland – from the workplace to the delivery of services.

Principal, Mrs Susanne Kinsella, said: “We feel very proud to receive this award. Our aim to recognise and celebrate cultural and ethnic differences, challenge stereotypes and promote inclusion is woven through all we do. Like many schools in Northern Ireland, we do have a diverse school community, as an integrated school it is not just about who sits beside you in class.

Staff and pupils are celebrating after the Mallusk IPS received the Anti-Racism School of the Year award.
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"Learning about and with each other is central to all we do at Mallusk IPS, and is essential to ensuring children grow up respecting and valuing each other.”