What you had to say on selection

WE asked you on our Facebook page to give your views on selection - here’s what you had to say.

Michael Graham: “The problem is not the ‘Pro-Selection Lobby’, rather the anti-selection Sinn Fein ministers who dismantled the system which was in place despite having nothing to replace it with. Moreover, they did this for purely ideological reasons as it is common knowledge that the Northern Irish education system was the envy of the rest of the UK. The Comprehensive-style system that they wish to adopt has already been shown to be a failure in England and Wales, where now there is growing support for new grammar schools. As with our political institutions, this is education for slow learners.”

Mick McNeill: “The issue was created by the removal of a perfectly good and fit for purpose selection system. Why people seem to think that reducing every child’s education to the lowest level seems incomprehensible. Selection is something that everyone must face at almost every major decision point or junction in their journey through life, it is not a bad thing. To deny the best and the brightest of our children the opportunity to receive an adequate education is disgraceful. N Ireland education system is head and shoulders above the rest of the UK and it would be shameful to lower it to the level of England or Wales whereby a GCSE C grade pass in English doesn’t even need the child to be able to construct a sentence! Maintain standards and ensure that all of our children are provided with the best, most individualy suited, education to enable the futures that they deserve. “

Pip Holmes: “I went through the 11 plus in the late eighties and it never phased me - I didn’t panic about it, it didn’t keep me awake worrying - I knew what I had to do if I wanted to go to my school of choice - so I made sure I worked and got it - it focused me on the idea that in life you must work for your rewards. Opportunities aren’t handed to you. I certainly thrived in the academic selection system as did many of my peers. For me some form of selection is required.”

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