NI Spend Local Card: How to check balance on your spend local card and what to do if you need a refund

So far 1.2 million people have had their Spend Local Card applications approved, with 667,000 cards already being issued.

The application portal for the Northern Ireland High Street Voucher Scheme closed on Monday, October 25, with over 1.43 million applicants.

The voucher scheme has been designed to encourage shoppers back into our towns and cities after the pandemic and give retail industries a vital boost.

As of Wednesday, October 27, 667,000 people had their cards issued, but many have been left asking, after they use their card, how do they check their balance?

The Spend Local Card is hoped to give retail industries a vital boost.

How to check balance on spend local card

To check your balance of you card, you can review your spending history at this website, all you need to do to review is login using your card details.

If you have any queries or do not have access to the internet you can contact the telephone number which is included on the letter sent along with your card.

Can I get a refund with my spend local card?

Yes, you can access a refund with your spend local card up until Tuesday, November 30, 2021, the refund will be issued onto your card.

After November 30, however, the card will no longer be active, meaning anyone needing a refund after this date will be able to access a voucher or exchange.

The method of reimbursement is always subject to the merchant’s terms and conditions and the customer’s statutory rights.

If any money is refunded onto the spend local card after November 30, 2021 this money will be funded back to the Department of Economy.

What if I haven't got my card yet?

If you haven't received your spend local card by Monday, November 1, 2021 and have had confirmation your application was approved, the Department of Economy have recommended emailing [email protected]

In your email include information of when you applied for your voucher and when you received confirmation your application was approved.