Craigavon Hospital: No major incident declared as Trust says it is 'extremely' busy but open

The Southern Health Trust has refuted online claims that a ‘major incident’ has been declared at Craigavon Hospital this evening.

The Trust said the hospital is open for patients amid online claims that people should not travel to the Emergency Department.


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Craigavon Area Hospital.Craigavon Area Hospital.
Craigavon Area Hospital.


Clearly the hospital is very busy with 138 patients in the Emergency Department but the Trust is clear that no major incident has been declared and the hospital is open for patients.

A Trust spokesperson said: “Like other hospitals across Northern Ireland, Craigavon Area Hospital continues to work under extreme pressure and far beyond the capacity that is available.

"There are currently 138 patients in the Emergency Department and many patients are waiting a very long time in the ED to be admitted to a hospital ward. Ambulances are also waiting outside the hospital for extended periods due to pressures within the hospital.

"We are facing particular ongoing challenges in admitting patients and managing these pressures is a huge ongoing daily challenge for our exhausted staff.

"Reduced access to Domiciliary Care packages and limited Nursing or Residential home places, makes it very challenging to meet the increasing demand for support at the point of discharge,” he said.

"However, it is vital that where possible, patients leave the hospital immediately when medically fit for discharge. It is also important that individuals are made aware that there are increased risks for patients staying in hospital after they are medically fit for discharge, as this can lead to a loss of muscle strength, which can lead to the patient deteriorating.

"Therefore, we are asking all patients and families to support our hospitals by freeing up beds required for very sick patients. This will include making arrangements to collect patients and support them to leave hospital very promptly, once they are deemed medically fit for discharge.” said a Trust spokesperson.

"If you are waiting for a Care Home placement, please accept the first suitable available bed and then our staff will work with you to transfer you to your first choice if you still wish, at the first available opportunity,” the spokesperson concluded.

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