Crumlin mother sheds the pounds

A Crumlin mother of two has shed a whopping six stone in just over a year.

Shanagh Close before losing six stone

Shanagh Close (44) from Landgarve Manor now weighs 10 stone 5lbs after she swapped her favourite treat a packet of cheesy puffs for a workout in the gym.

It was when she visited the doctors back in October 2016 that Shanagh stood on the scales and found she weighed, 17 stone and it was this wake up call that she needed to make drastic changes to her life.

Thanks to the encouragement of a friend, she joined the gym at Crumlin Leisure Centre. She also joined Slimming World and saw the weight quickly drop off. “It is only looking back did I realise just how unhealthy my diet was,” said Shanagh. “I was never one of these people who lost loads of weight each week. It was one or two pounds a week. I think the most I ever lost was four pounds in a week.”

Shanagh Close after losing six stone.

To help her along as well as going to the gym she also tried various exercise classes from Zumba, yoga, kettle bells and 15-15.

She feels it was the support she got from staff at Crumlin Leisure Centre and Little Gym in Crumlin that spurred her on. “The whole family are exercising now,” said Shanagh. “The staff from both gyms were brilliant and very supportive. I could not have done this without them. The Slimming World leader Nicola Quigley was also a great support.”