Maghaberry ladies gain an insight into age-related eye conditions thanks to the experts from Specsavers in Lisburn

Members of the ladies’ group at Maghaberry Community Centre have been learning the key signs of common age-related eye conditions thanks to the experts from Specsavers in Lisburn.

Leanne Lindsay, Optician Director at Specsavers Lisburn, visited the Maghaberry Ladies to host an interactive session on different eye conditions such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), presbyopia and cataracts.

The group took turns using simulation glasses that altered their vision, presenting the typical field of sight for someone with a particular eye problem. This tool gave them a first-hand example of symptoms and warning signs.

Tracey Crothers, Community Centre Manager, said, “It was fantastic to have a local optometrist taking the time to speak with the group about the importance of regular eye examinations. A lot of the ladies in our group are spectacle wearers, and some do have eye conditions, so it was brilliant to learn more about them.”

Maghaberry Ladies and Leanne Lindsay, Specsavers Lisburn (right)
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Irene Kirker, member of the Maghaberry Ladies group, took part in the interactive session at the community centre and was immediately sparked into action. The following day, she made a same-day appointment at Specsavers Lisburn, where her lens prescription received a much-needed update.

Irene said, “The session with Leanne was so informative, and really got me thinking about how long I’d been wearing the same glasses. I called the next morning and was seen later the same day. I couldn’t believe how much clearer everything was when I tried the new lenses. I was also able to get a hearing screen done at my appointment which gave me great peace of mind. A one-stop shop!”

Maghaberry Ladies with Leanne Lindsay, Specsavers Lisburn (centre).