New uniforms issued for local healthcare staff

A NEW regional uniform has been introduced at the Southern Health and Social Care Trust to ensure easy recognition of healthcare staff by patients, users and members of the public.

Registered nurses, registered midwives and healthcare support workers in hospitals are now wearing the new uniform in phase one of the project.

The uniform has the designation of each staff member embroidered on the top right shoulder. Staff also wear a name badge stating their role and area of work which will make it easier for patients and visitors to identify who is in charge and who to speak to if they have a concern.

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Francis Rice, Executive Director of Nursing and Allied Health Professions at the Southern Trust and Chair of the Regional Steering Group involving all five health and social care trusts, said: “Patients, users and the general public will see nursing and healthcare staff in the same standardised uniform across all hospitals in Northern Ireland, regardless of the Trust area in which the staff member is based.

“This will ensure that members of the public will know the staff member with whom they are speaking as each uniform is clearly marked with the staff member’s title and all staff wear name badges.

“The Patient and Client Council carried out research which identified the public desire for easier identification of staff in healthcare settings, especially ward sisters and charge nurses.

“The uniform will also promote the identity of professional staff groups within Health and Social Care across Northern Ireland.”

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Ward sisters and charge nurses wear a dark navy tunic top while all other registered nurses are wearing a light blue tunic top with the title ‘registered nurse’.

Midwives are wearing the same light blue tunic top with the title ‘registered midwife’; health care support workers are wearing a blue and white tunic top with the title ‘health care support’. All staff wear the tunic with navy trousers.

Phase two of the project will see community registered nurses, community registered midwives, community healthcare support workers and Allied Health Professionals wearing the colour-coded uniform.