Parking charges at hospital

The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust has previously consulted publicly and extensively on the introduction of car parking charges across Ards, Lagan Valley and Downe Hospital sites in line with Department of Health Policy.

Car parking charges will be introduced on the Lagan Valley Hospital site from Friday March 1.

A spokesperson for the Trust said: “The aim is to improve access to our services by maintaining capacity for public parking and to deal with inappropriate parking such as parking in disabled spaces and in ambulance bays, and to protect access for emergency vehicles.

“There will be two methods of charging at Lagan Valley Hospital – Pay & Display and Pay on Foot. A temporary Pay & Display area will be located at the entrance to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. This system of payment requires users to take a ticket from the Pay & Display machine, pay for the intended period of stay, and attach it to their front windscreen, with a maximum two hour stay.

“The rest of the parking will be barrier controlled, with a ticket dispensed on entering and payment made at a pay station before returning to the car. This is £1.20 for the first hour, £1.80 for 1-4 hours, £2.50 for 4-6 hours, £3.50 for 6-8 hours and £4.50 for 8-24 hours. The Pay on Foot pay stations are located to the right hand side of the main entrance doors, inside the main entrance adjacent to the vending machines and also directly facing the Department of Psychiatry.”