Robinson backs radiotherapy centrer

FIRST Minister Peter Robinson pledged to deliver the radiotherapy centre to Altnagelvin during a visit to Londonderry this week.

Mr Robinson met with a large delegation of cancer patients at the Caw Centre to give his backing to the vital cancer service.

The DUP leader, joined by Gregory Campbell and Maurice Devenney, said: “We believe in keeping promises. My party is committed to it, we will support it at Executive level and the Minister will be obliged to proceed.

“I believe it’s not right to say it’s a sectarian decision not to proceed, it’s just a wrong decision.

“The turnout here, all at the last minute, shows the level of commitment and determination from people right across the community. Their stories will pull anybody’s heartstrings. If you hear of anybody having to travel a long journey with a basin on their knee because they are being sick the whole way, you know it’s right that the North West should have a facility.”

Around 35 women from the Pink Ladies group and local Caw residents were in attendance at the meeting with the First Minister which had been arranged by Linda Watson, Co-ordinator of Caw and Nelson Drive Action Group and local woman Maisie Crawford.

Maisie echoed the views of all the women when she said: “It’s brilliant to have the First Minister here, he’ll not know what’s hit him because none of us will let him off now that he’s given his pledge! It’s heartening to see everyone coming together for one cause.”

Maisie called on the support of her long-time friend Marie White, a member of the Pink Ladies and the women hope to strengthen their bond, galvanised by Peter Robinson’s personal visit to voice his support.

“We would ask everyone to be united and focussed on this campaign,” said Pink Ladies Co-ordinator, Karen Mullan.

“The Pink Ladies is not political and is urging everyone to support our Day of Action on April 15 when, at 1.05 pm, we would ask everyone to either join us at the Guildhall or take time themselves to have a minute’s silence.”

The women are hoping to organise a further rally in the Waterside in the future.

“Caw and Nelson Drive Action Group fully support the whole project and we will be there every step of the way,” added Linda Watson.