BANBRIDGE resident and founder of the Portadown Wellness Centre, Alan McDowell was delighted to welcome two senior figures from within the Southern HSC Trust to the Armagh Road facility recently.

​CEO of the Southern Trust, Dr Maria O'Kane, and director of Mental Health & Disability Services at the Trust, Jan McGall, had heard positive reports about the range of services being offered within Portadown Wellness Centre, and they wanted to find out more about them.

Portadown Wellness Centre chairperson, Dwain Toland, and Alan warmly welcomed Dr O’Kane and Mrs McGall.

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Alan, from the Newry Road, commented: “We wanted to convey to Dr. O’Kane and Mrs. McGall what we do weekly at the Centre.

“We assembled, on the day, a team of people who are committed to helping to develop Portadown Wellness Centre in the months ahead.

“These included representatives from our psychotherapy team, some of our therapeutic activity facilitators, clients currently in therapy, participants engaging in our practical classes, as well as some of our private sector and public sector funders.

“Our long term strategy is to be self-financing.”

Dr O’Kane praised the mental health facility, stating: “We believe there are many opportunities for the Southern Trust and Portadown Wellness Centre to work in collaboration, to provide important and necessary support for those currently struggling in the community today.”

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As things stand, Portadown Wellness Centre currently has a team of six therapists offering counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy sessions.

In addition, the centre provides therapeutic activities, including classes in pottery and ceramics, woodwork, arts and crafts, sewing and fashion, gardening and horticulture, and yoga.

The autumn programme will also include classes in cookery, baking, pilates, flower arranging and music therapy.