You can make some changes and start 2022 with more positivity

Now that the Christmas and New Year festivities are behind us, January usually is the time of the year where many of us want to make changes for the year ahead with a view to improving an aspect of our lives be it health, relationships, wealth etc.

Jamie McQuade
Jamie McQuade

What tends to happen for many of us though is that the motivation and drive to make these changes starts to slowly evaporate and we fall back into the old routine of things from the previous year.

So what I wanted to start off this year with was chatting about how you can make some changes and take action to start 2022 with more positivity.

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Slow things down: We can very easily get caught up constantly on the go with no end in sight and this can be damaging for our health both physically and mentally in the long run.

Our bodies are great at poking at us to say that we have been going at things too much and we need to slow it down such as you have a sore head or you feel tired.

What do most of us do? We ignore the signs and keep pushing on through.

If you feel like you need a rest take one, taking a rest is not anything to feel guilty about and you are not being lazy because your body is expressing to you that you are overdoing it.

Practice becoming more aware of how your body is feeling and get better at listening to it and you will feel the benefits.

Embrace change don’t resist it: We all love our routines and most of us resist change in our routine, life, work etc.

The reality is that change is inevitable and that’s part of life and something out of our control and we need to work on being able to adapt and embrace change rather than resist it.

My view is that in life it’s not about what happens to us, it’s about how we respond to it rather than react to it.

By responding you take the best out of the situation and also learn from the disappointments that we all will face.

Believe in yourself: There will be challenges and hardships that we will face that we didn’t want or ask for which will feel scary, unfair or hard, so it is important to have a little belief in yourself and your ability to handle whatever shows up.

Because whether you realise it or not you have overcome those challenges through being resourceful and having the strength to deal with those challenges the best way you could.

Recognise that it’s ok not to feel positive all the time.

It’s important to remember that at times we all will feel overwhelmed or stressed or anxious leaving you unsure of what to do or even feel lost at times and not sure how you can hold it all together.

The key here is to understand that it’s ok to feel this way because there is too much pressure being put on people that they should be happy and positive all the time and it’s ok to reach out for help or support from family, friends etc.

Switch off from all the noise: We face so much noise from the news, social media, work etc. so it is vital that you give yourself permission to step back and switch the noise off so that you can recharge.

If the news or social media is stressing you out take a step back from it and reduce the time you watch TV or scroll through your social media.

If there are social media accounts on your social media that are too negative for you then unfollow them, reduce your contact with negative individuals by setting boundaries.

It’s a great feeling to be there for people but there are times where you need to learn how to say no because you are important as well and you can’t keep pouring from an empty cup without it affecting you so learn how to protect your energy levels so that you can recharge as well.

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