THROUGH THE ARCHIVES: Congregational reunion of Glenavy parish

From the News Letter, January 17, 1892

The parishioners of Glenavy held their annual reunion on January 13, 1892, noted the News Letter.

The paper remarked: “Notwithstanding that snow still lies all about, and that many country roads are blocked, there was a good attendance.”

After tea the chair was taken by the Reverend Charles Watson, the vicar, who gave a short review of the parish and its affairs during the past year.

St Aidan's Church of Ireland Parish of Glenavy. Picture: Gavan Caldwell/News Letter archives

In his review of the year the Rev Watson detailed how the church expenses fund had been met and that “a substantial balance stood in the credit”.

He added that he had been delighted to see the parish subscribe so generously to the Diocesan Religious Education Society, the Protestant Orphans, missions, local diocesan funds, clergy superannuation fund and “other objects”.

Having reviewed the financial state of the parish the Rev Watson then turned his attention to the question of attendance at church.

It was his desire, he said, to a more regular attendance on the Lord’s Day.

He urged the young people of the parish to cooperate with their curate, the Reverend C F Newell, who he said “showed himself in sympathy with the feelings of the young”.

But the Rev Watson said that he was very pleased with the mood that prevailed in the parish, he remarked: “In the parish there prevails a brotherly spirit, and all along the line there seemed now to be a disposition to allow peace and good will to prevail.”